At sometime in our lives we will encounter the loss of someone. it may be a partner or close family member, or it may be a long time friend. Whoever it is, the loss of someone who has played a huge part in your life can be devastating.

At a time when we are suffering a bereavement and  grieving for a persons passing, we go through a range of emotions. This can be anything from anger, guilt, lonliness, to  feeling that we can not cope without that person in our lives. Everyone is different in what and how they feel, but we all have one thing in common and that is that our life force energies are at their lowest ebb.

At a time of  grieving Reiki and Spiritual Healing can be of great benefit to the bereaved. As the Universal Life Force Energies heal the whole mind, body, emotions and spirit, the energies will go along way towards giving the individual inner peace and the ability to move forward in their lives.

Reiki and Spiritual Healing can only have a positive effect at a very negative time in our lives. I would recommend anyone who is going through the grieving process to consider having a Reiki or Spiritual Healing session.


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