When some people are attuned to Reiki and are given  the symbols they are also given a colour relating to each of the four symbols.

A question I was recently asked by someone I attuned to the Master level, but had been attuned by someone else to Reiki level 1 and 2 was ‘ What colour is associated with the Master symbol?’

Well here is my answer:- Whilst there are some Masters who teach that each of the four  symbols has its own colour, research has shown that there is no suggestion that the symbols were originally associated individually to a specific colour.

The suggested colour connection to the symbols would appear to be yet another addition to the infinite list of Western and New Age add-ons that have been adopted into Reiki since the passing of Takata-sensei, who never taught these aspects of Reiki.

It doesn’t help that some of these less than original practices of Reiki have found their way into Japan and now manifest themselves in different forms of Japanese Reiki. These Western additions are now being taught  and passed on to students as if they have always been part of traditional Japanese Reiki .  

Where colours have been given to symbols, they are connected to  non-traditional meanings that teachers have overlaid on the symbols. Cho-Ku-Rei – the power symbol for instance has become associated with the Earth/Earth energy and therefore connected with the colour green.

If you look at Buddhism, Shinto or Taoist influences you will see that the symbols used in Usui Shiki Ryoho would be visualised in either gold or pure bright light.

So if we want to keep Usui  Reiki traditional then forget the colours and just stick to the symbols. Use Reiki how it was meant to be used when given to Dr.  Miako Usui


  1. I may be the one of a kind but in my visualization of symbols there always seems to be haze color around the outer line of symbols, though most times I don’t usually use symbols, just the strong intention of whatever is channeled, whether it be healing, cleansing or simple energy transference, a booster of energy to recipient for example. I do my own method to which I named it “Lotus Light Reiki”. Dai Ko Myo (Master Symbol) = Gold, Cho Ku Rei = Purple, Sei Hei Ki = Yellow, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen = Blue. Depending on how much time I spend a day self healing, these colors are either just a tint or vivid colors. In my opinion; not one single person will have same perception or how it flows, I construct my own perceptions and healing techniques that I use regular and can change at times depending on how I feel on the frequencies. <. would be nice to hear comments of other healers in Reiki. Love, Light & tranquility to all. Namaste.

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