When some people are attuned to Reiki and are given  the symbols they are also given a colour relating to each of the four symbols.

A question I was recently asked by someone I attuned to the Master level, but had been attuned by someone else to Reiki level 1 and 2 was ‘ What colour is associated with the Master symbol?’

Well here is my answer:- Whilst there are some Masters who teach that each of the four  symbols has its own colour, research has shown that there is no suggestion that the symbols were originally associated individually to a specific colour.

The suggested colour connection to the symbols would appear to be yet another addition to the infinite list of Western and New Age add-ons that have been adopted into Reiki since the passing of Takata-sensei, who never taught these aspects of Reiki.

It doesn’t help that some of these less than original practices of Reiki have found their way into Japan and now manifest themselves in different forms of Japanese Reiki. These Western additions are now being taught  and passed on to students as if they have always been part of traditional Japanese Reiki .  

Where colours have been given to symbols, they are connected to  non-traditional meanings that teachers have overlaid on the symbols. Cho-Ku-Rei – the power symbol for instance has become associated with the Earth/Earth energy and therefore connected with the colour green.

If you look at Buddhism, Shinto or Taoist influences you will see that the symbols used in Usui Shiki Ryoho would be visualised in either gold or pure bright light.

So if we want to keep Usui  Reiki traditional then forget the colours and just stick to the symbols. Use Reiki how it was meant to be used when given to Dr.  Miako Usui



  1. I may be the one of a kind but in my visualization of symbols there always seems to be haze color around the outer line of symbols, though most times I don’t usually use symbols, just the strong intention of whatever is channeled, whether it be healing, cleansing or simple energy transference, a booster of energy to recipient for example. I do my own method to which I named it “Lotus Light Reiki”. Dai Ko Myo (Master Symbol) = Gold, Cho Ku Rei = Purple, Sei Hei Ki = Yellow, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen = Blue. Depending on how much time I spend a day self healing, these colors are either just a tint or vivid colors. In my opinion; not one single person will have same perception or how it flows, I construct my own perceptions and healing techniques that I use regular and can change at times depending on how I feel on the frequencies. <. would be nice to hear comments of other healers in Reiki. Love, Light & tranquility to all. Namaste.

    • michaelrech Says:

      Hello Derek Crabtree,

      I am 23 orbits, and like many others, have been continually working on alignment with my higher self with much assistance from, what I feel to be, a whole entourage of beings of light. I must say that I very much agree with your idea of having a unique perception on how you perform reiki. I have not been trained in any particular form from any particular teacher or master. However I perform my own perception of reiki on my wife and other family members on nearly a daily basis. When I get into a deep meditation before my energy work,I feel myself flowing with different energies and colours depending on how I feel and how my patient is feeling. I feel my hands guided in particular movements and colours enter my field of vision as I allow my focus on transmitting energies flowing through me from my connection to Gaias core. I guess, what I am leading towards, is the idea that I feel a reiki course will only teach me about others unique ways they perform energy work. My own intuitive ways seem appropriate for my patients. What do you feel about having a certificate, or some type of creditation to perform reiki, when it is such a personal and unique way to heal. It deters me somewhat to pay a great deal of money, for a 7 hour course and a manual, so I may be qualified to heal. Am I not already qualified to give and allow myself to flow with universal energies to help heal others. It seems to be more of a business structure. I would love to hear your input. Thank you for your time.
      Brightest regards, namaste

      • raykee Says:

        Hi Michael, thank you for your input. This not Derek Crabtree but the owner of this site speaking.

        We are all healers, it is just that some of us are more aware than others and take positive steps to develop that gift. Whilst being self developed to a high level of understanding and working on your friends and family, there is no problem in not having a recognised qualification. However if you wish to heal members of the public, whether you charge, ask for donation or give your healing for free, you will need some formal qualification and insurance, certainly here in the UK for your own protection.

        The Reiki qualification is merely a basis for most healers to get started, how you develop it from there is up to you and the Universe. We live in a claim culture and the slightest excuse where money is concerned, is all that someone needs to take you to court.

        I agree there are those who run Reiki training as a business and charge vast sums for the privilege. Perhaps you may be interested in my other website http://www.usuireikiattunements.webs.com

        It is difficult to issue a certificate or accreditation as each healers gift would be so diverse, but you may find http://www.irehg.webs.com of interest. It is something I have developed with this in mind.

        It is wonderful to know there are so many healers developing their gift and we all do it in our own special way. This blog is how I see things, others may have very differing opinions. That is a good thing as we can learn from each other.

        In love and light

        Raykee-Healing Star

  2. sentinel72 Says:

    I have a question about something that has been bothering me for a year. I have seen several symbols in my mind, starting a year ago. I have no clue what they mean, but I feel that they are important, and have a purpose. I feel it my duty to discover their meaning and purpose. Do you know any methods of how I could try to decipher these symbols?

    • raykee Says:

      Hi Sentinel, sometimes we are given symbols and it is very frustrating to know what should be done. Yes you are quite right they are of importance and have been given to you for a reason. There are no hard and fast rules about discovering their meaning and purpose, but I would suggest first and foremost that you ask your guides and the Universe for guidance of the symbols, their purpose and meaning and what you are meant to do with them. You can do this by asking mentally out loud or writing a letter, all methods are effective. I don’t know if you have already done this but draw them on paper, sometimes by doing this the answer will come to you. It may be that you have been given them to develop your own healing system.

      I hope that has been of some help. Good luck with your quest.

      In love and light

      • sentinel72 Says:

        I have come to understand the meaning of the 3 o these symbols now, which I belive to be used in union to allow me to take spiritual energy and use it to heal o5her, through a more physical means with crystals. I would like to know if, in raykee history, a similar event has happened before, and your opinion on it. Also I would like to know of any suggestions on leaving the symbols on the stones.

  3. raykee Says:

    As with all healing processes people combine various methods in order to achieve what is comfortable and best for them whilst giving healing. The use of crystals with Reiki is not unusual and each healer has their own interpretation of their use.

    The symbols are not the energy, the energy itself is Universal Life Force Energy and Reiki is just one of the healing methods used to channel this energy. The symbols are purely an aid to connect to the energy and help to make the energy more powerful. You should be filling the crystals with the energy, not the symbol.

    If you wish to leave the crystals charged with the energy for future use, I would suggest once charged keeping them separate from other crystals and wrapping them in a pure silk scarf or something similar. If you wish to cleanse the crystals of the energy at any time then you can either bury them in earth over night or wash them for five minutes in cold water.

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